Cryptos Circus Review – Assessing the Services of the Broker

Opening a trading account with an online broker enables you to begin trading in the financial markets. There is no shortage of opportunities, or of brokers for that matter. However, you have to keep in mind that this is not a decision to make within seconds because you have to trust the platform to protect you from cybersecurity threats and also help you make the most of your experience. This means some homework is required in order to ensure you are choosing a brokerage that checks all the boxes. Hence, you have to peruse through this Cryptos Circus review to assess their services.

A complete assessment of the services of a broker is part of the homework you need to do because it tells you exactly what you can expect. Cryptos Circus is a forex and CFD brokerage that will pique your curiosity because of its significant success in a short amount of time. Nonetheless, you still need to assess its services before signing up. Let’s go digging:

The Asset Index at Cryptos Circus

When you have decided to assess the services of a broker, it is a good idea to start with its asset index. The assets you trade will determine how much profits you make, so it is necessary to know what your options are. You will be pleased with what you find at Cryptos Circus because they have an extensive asset index that comprises of more than 200 options belonging to different markets.

More importantly, you will discover that these options are from some of the world’s most profitable and well-reputed markets. Stocks, indices, forex, cryptocurrency and commodities are some of the options to explore, allowing traders to create a balanced and diversified portfolio.

The Security Policies at Cryptos Circus

With security issues becoming rampant online, it is vital to assess the security policies at Cryptos Circus and you will find them very thorough in this area. They are familiar with the risks and have added features that are highly reassuring. These include the use of full-data encryption and a Privacy Policy to ensure that no third-parties can access the data of their clients.

They maintain segregated bank accounts for keeping all their client deposits to prevent any theft or discrepancies. In addition, you will also find Cryptos Circus compliant with AML (Anti-money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) policies, which can be very reassuring because they minimize the possibility of illegal activities on the platform.

The Trading Platform at Cryptos Circus

You should not forget to assess the trading platform that the broker offers because it is the feature you have to use for trading and if it lacks in any way, it will reflect on your performance. The Cryptos Circus WebTrader is an award-winning platform that can offer you the best of everything. At first glance, the platform comes off as a simple one, but this is because they have kept the user-interface basic to facilitate every type of trader.

However, the use of advanced and powerful technology allows traders to enjoy lightning fast trade execution, so they don’t miss any trades. You will also find that Cryptos Circus has integrated their platform with some of the best trading tools in the market, such as live charts, price alerts, trading signals, analysis tools and risk management tools as well.

The Account Plans at Cryptos Circus

You should also assess the account plans that Cryptos Circus offers to ensure it can fulfill your needs and you will not be disappointed here. They have three accounts named Starter, Premier and Elite to accommodate novices, intermediate traders and professionals. You only have to deposit a minimum of 250 EUR to open an account. Account features that have been added include negative balance protection, mobile trading, 24 hour customer support, real-time data, tight spreads, and technical analysis and take profit and stop-loss orders.

Final Verdict

The assessment of the services of Cryptos Circus makes it evident that the broker checks all the right boxes for a profitable trading journey.

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