Ncapital Group, a Crypto-Exchange Focused on Empowering Investors

When the cryptocurrency industry was launched, it lacked experience and most importantly, experienced analysts and investors. Over time, the situation started changing and exchanges were founded to provide such support. However, as the cryptocurrency industry has grown, many exchanges have become investment oriented. Hardly any cryptocurrency exchange focuses on grooming investors’ skills and trading expertise. That is where you would find Ncapital Group proving its worth and dedication for bringing back the old traditions of the crypto-verse. Let me share my thoughts about the exchange in my Ncapital Group review so you understand how it distinguishes itself from other exchanges.

What is Ncapital Group’s Goal?

In today’s time, most of the cryptocurrency exchanges aim to get money out of their investors. On the other hand, the teams at Ncapital Group aim to improve the trading capabilities of the investors. They achieve this by offering educational content and all the support to the users aimed at improving their trading expertise. Their goal is to empower the investors in any aspect of cryptocurrency trading so they are able to fight off any challenge without depending on others.

Ncapital Group is a regulated exchange

Before offering all the services to the investors, Ncapital Group has ensured it cultivates an ethical and safe trading environment for them. This could only be achieved by adhering to the regulatory policies that every regulatory authority wants the exchanges to comply with. Ncapital Group is regulated and adheres to the major regulatory policies such as KYC and AML. Therefore, the investors never ever have to worry about Ncapital Group shutting down due to regulatory deficiencies.

Trading Platform at Ncapital Group

The trading platform offered by Ncapital Group is exclusive and only available to the investors trading through Ncapital Group. It is equipped with the latest and most advanced trading features and tools for the benefit of the investors. This ensures that the investors always have access to tools and features that lets them explore more in the crypto-verse and generate more gains from the industry.

The services offered by Ncapital Group include daily market reviews, trading signals, price alerts, custom analytics, trading charts, historical reports, trading charts/graphs, and so much more.

Trading Options at Ncapital Group

At Ncapital Group, you have access to five trading accounts starting from basic, bronze, silver, gold, and going all the way up to platinum accounts. Then there is the top trading account titled “Black”, which could only be acquired after raising request through your personal account manager. The black trading account is the highest option you have access to at Ncapital Group.

Once the investors acquired the account, they gain access to services such as custom analytics, margin trading, leverage trading, range of markets, Islamic account option, and one-on-one trading training session. Furthermore, investors have access to premier events, exclusive position access, personalized trading strategy, and a dedicated account manager.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Ncapital Group

Whether it is a deposit or a withdrawal Ncapital Group, you have the freedom of choosing between methods such as bitcoin/ethereum wallets, credit/debit cards, or bank wire. You can choose to make a deposit or withdrawal in three different currencies such as EUR, GBP, or USD. For withdrawals, the investors need to provide and get their personal identification information updated at Ncapital Group’s platform.

Ncapital Group’s Education System

The education system offered at Ncapital Group is detailed and very informative for the investors. It offers them vast knowledge around basics of cryptocurrency trading and then takes it to the advanced level. Through the education system, investors get to learn the basics of cryptocurrencies, insights, tips/tricks, and different strategies. This way, the investors become empowered and well informed in the cryptocurrency sector.

Ncapital Group’s Bring a Friend Program

Ncapital Group also grants investors the ability to earn more money by referring their families and friends to Ncapital Group. If the referred members join Ncapital Group and make an investment, the referrer makes profit based on the amount of money invested by the referrals.

Ncapital Group’s 24/5 Customer Support

The customer support offered by Ncapital Group is available Monday to Friday. To ensure the investors are provided with the highest level of support and care, Ncapital Group has put together a team of veteran representatives. These individuals are well-versed in the customer support sector and are very professional, friendly, prompt, and empathetic in providing investors with all the support they need.

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