Richardson Lewis Review – Changing the Way the Online Trading Industry Normally Works

From the advent of the online trading industry, one particular tradition is being followed by most of the online trading service providers. The tradition is that most of the providers stick with a limited number of services. What the firms nowadays do not realize is that it was natural in the past to offer limited services because there wasn’t much to offer. The industry has expanded tremendously since the start and now there is a lot to offer. If you want to know what the industry has to offer, then keep reading my Richardson Lewis review.

Offerings should be in Abundance

With the firm, you will never run out of trading options or facilities. The firm keeps on improving its trading capabilities and lets you avail from the latest advancements and tools available in the online trading market.

A Web-Based Trading Platform

The firm wants you to trade as smart and efficiently as possible. It has no goal of bombarding you with so much to make you feel that the firm has it all. It wants you to have access to all the trading tools and features in the online trading market but when the time is right.

Therefore, it has designed a trading platform that has all the latest trading tools and features but have them organized in a very comprehensible manner.

Whether you want trading charts, trading graphs, automated trades, trading signals, market news, market reviews, past reports, and leverage trading, you have through the platform but it is not limited to these options. There is no hassle for you to download and then use the platform because it is available through the web. Just open it and access from any operating system that has a browser running capability.

Assets and Accounts

You will not have enough if you are with a single trading asset, which is why Richardson Lewis offers you with many of them. You have access to indices, foreign exchange markets, stock markets, crypto assets, and commodities to choose an asset from and start trading. Whichever asset is your choice, the account manager and analyst from the firm will guide you along the way as you perform trades.

Just like the trading assets, you can choose from multiple trading accounts. The micro account, being the earliest account lets you trade in the least aggressive trading markets with very less challenges. Here, you can learn the basics of trades and start trading while making decisions. If you think you have learned enough, you can move onto the next account, which is the ‘basic account’. Then you can move on to the higher versions until you make it to the platinum account.

Whichever account is your pick, you have access to facilities such as loyalty points, support from trading experts/analysts, access to multiple trading markets, and many more.

You are secured

Whether it is regulatory compliance or transaction protection, you are secured and protected by Richardson Lewis. To make sure you have access to a secure trading environment, the firm has made itself fully regulated with the AML and KYC guidelines.

When it comes to transaction protection, the firm has adopted the top level transaction encryption (SSL Security) certificate to keep your data protected. You can send or receive transactions with assurance from the firm that they are all encryption protected.

Support Representatives

Things just keep getting better with Richardson Lewis as the platform offers as well-trained team of customer support professionals. They listen to every query very attentively and provide you with the best possible resolution. You can get in touch with them through landline or you can access them writing an email.

Ending Thoughts

By offering you so much, the firm has raised the standards of the online trading industry. Once you choose to trade with the firm, you will not go to another platform because what it offers is not offered commonly. If you are finding this opportunity to trade with a regulated service provider, then go for it.

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