Stonewall Capital Review – A Suite of Trading Instruments for Ambitious Traders

Being a trader myself I had several ambitions in the fulfillment of which I had failed several times until I finally joined a worthy broker called Stonewall Capital. If you think your ambitions too aren’t seeing the light of day even though you are trying really hard then I would recommend you switch your broker as I did. Now, I am more than satisfied with my broker because I have been part of a very powerful trading platform where I am trading some of the best trading assets. Here in this Stonewall Capital Review, I would like to highlight some of the features of this platform for you.

Ingenuity in thePlatform

First of all, the broker has to offer a very powerful trading platform where compatibility isn’t an issue at all because it is accessible on any device with internet connectivity. Usability wise, you cannot find a platform which is a combination of modern technology and simplicity both i.e. performance wise and accessibility wise. Even while travelling or working at home, you can use a laptop, desktop computer or an android or iOS based mobile phone.

The platform’s design speaks highly of user-friendliness which can be evidenced from the fact that a beginner can use it in the same manner as a pro.

Choice Based Trading Instruments

The broker’s trade offerings are countless because they are limitless in terms of trading instruments. More than thousand plus instruments of trade under classic asset classes such as commodities, forex, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices can actually be traded with the broker. The traders of Stonewall Capital can never run out of options particularly with regard to assets. Even those who wish to expand their trading experience, the broker can offer them the place where they can engage in trading of plenty of assets simultaneously.

Personally, I am fond of forex trading with the broker but I come out of my comfort zone for the sake of diversity. Similarly, I focus on mitigating the risks and for that I switch between assets and asset classes preferably when the markets of my preferred asset class is under-performing or that market conditions are bearish.

Highly Effective and Impactful Accounts

Ordinarily, every trader offers you several accounts during the signup process but I believe the accounts from this broker are truly relevant to the needs of the traders. The reason is that they come in several numbers, each containing common and unique features, tools of trading and resources such as videos, eBooks, etc. If somebody wishes to select an account then as per the broker’s pre-determined account activation method, the trader would need to send an initial deposit. Compared to others, the broker’s initial deposit is way below the market standards which makes account opening highly accessible to even those who cannot arrange bigger sums.

For those who have the capacity of arranging bigger funds, the broker has provided accounts particularly for them. In these accounts though the initial deposit requirement is bigger than the basic and they come with a wide range of features which neither the basic nor average accounts have. For instance, account manager service is a common feature and provided in every account. However, expert consultants’ advisory, zero commission, leverage option and unlimited access to education are offered to account-holders other than basic.

Experienced Personnel Handling Customer Support

There is no point in having a customer support if the service operates for limited number of hours in a day. Similarly, a broker’s business would never expand in case the customer support is incapable of providing valuable solutions. This company’s customer support team is made up of highly experienced agents with expertise in the respective field. Secondly, they render support and solutions 24/7 and can pay attention to what you have to say to them over phone or through an email.

Bottom Line

I would recommend you to take your time and avoid rushing on to the conclusions until you have learned more about Stonewall Capital. Alternatively, you can initiate trading as soon as you have earned the membership of this broker.

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