XchangeBTC Review – Top Reasons to Use the Broker

When you start hunting for a broker, every other option you check out will tempt you to sign up one way or the other. Some offer you excellent customer support, others tout their impressive asset index. Instead of allowing yourself to get confused and making a decision without thinking things through, it is better for you to do some homework. This means finding top reasons to use a specific broker and this is something that you can do with this XchangeBTC review. It can help in cutting down the effort you have to make in selecting a brokerage for your trading needs.

A look at XchangeBTC can be very impressive because it appears to be a rather professional trading solution that can cater to traders of all backgrounds. They are offering their services in more than 150 countries and have offices in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom as well as the United Arab Emirates. But, what are the reasons to give them preference over the other brokers in the market? Some top ones are:

Reason 1: The trading products available

The first reason that will draw your attention towards XchangeBTC is the range of trading products that you will find here. As it advertises itself as a bitcoin broker and also because of its name, many people assume that it only offers you access to the cryptocurrency market. It does offer crypto trading services and has also added some other unique crypto-related activities, such as cryptocurrency mining and staking of these digital assets.

However, these are not the only trading products that you will have at your disposal at XchangeBTC because it also gives you access to instruments in other markets. Stocks, forex, commodities and indices are also some of the options you can explore here and this gives you plenty of room to diversify your portfolio for high profits and low risks.

Reason 2: Accommodating account options

A good reason for you to consider XchangeBTC is the fact that this platform is willing to accommodate all types of traders. You can join, even if you are a beginner and upgrade accounts when you gain experience. A total of five account options have been added, so every trader will be able to find an option that suits their trading style, budget and their risk appetite.

The account options are named Mini, Silver, Gold, Diamond and VIP accounts and their minimum deposits are 0.3 BTC, 1 BTC, 5 BTC and 10 BTC, respectively. As for the VIP account, there is no minimum deposit because XchangeBTC offers this only to traders who fulfill a specific criteria. Each account has also been equipped with different features, including margin loan, daily market review, account manager, wealth manager, trading webinars, weekly livestreams, and one-on-one sessions with analysts, invitations to VIP events, portfolio construction, in-depth research and higher payouts.

Reason 3: Strong security infrastructure

Security is a prominent concern for many traders, one that XchangeBTC has done its level best to address. They have created a secure trading infrastructure using various measures and policies, which can be extremely reassuring. All data that you share with the brokerage is kept safe with the use of full data encryption and your account is also protected through two-factor authentication (2FA) and other security protocols.

Segregated accounts are used for storing all client deposits made at XchangeBTC and this minimizes possibility of misuse of funds. Adherence to Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies is also a bonus that can mitigate concerns of identity theft, financial fraud and money laundering.

Reason 4: Good customer support

You will also come to know that no compromises have been made by XchangeBTC in terms of customer support, as their agents are available 24/5 via email and phone and through an online ticketing system.


These are some strong reasons for you to opt for XchangeBTC as your brokerage to venture into the lucrative world of online trading.

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