Zulutrade Review – Is It Really a Unique Platform for Trading

Have you noticed that a lot of online companies like to call themselves unique and different? Terms like standing out from the crowed have become quite common. However, you don’t find such companies every day that don’t make huge claims but offer something unique. I think Zulutrade has all the features that make it one of the best ones out there but the company doesn’t brag about it. Through this Zulutrade review, I just want to talk about the points that I think prove this platform to be unique and truly different.

Rather than forcing my opinion on you, I’d prefer you read my review of Zulutrade and then decide if it really is a platform with unique features.

Copy Trading at Its Best

So, when you join conventional online trading platforms or trading brokers, they provide you with a platform where you can enter any market and start trading. That’s the simple process you follow on all of those trading platforms. If you lose, you lose. If you win, you win. You might get some guidance from account managers and mentors, but that’s about it. On the other hand, Zulutrade provides you with copy trading. This type of trading gets you connected to other expert traders on the market that you can copy and follow.

Yes, that’s exactly the point of this type of trading. You connect with a trader who you think is consistent with their trading strategies, and copy their trades. So, every time they benefit from a trade, you benefit from your trade too. It shows on the website of this company that those who go with copy trading are much more likely to be profitable than those who don’t use this option and trade alone.

Interactions between Investors and Traders

Here is something I want you to know about the platform. You can be a trader or an investor on this platform if you want. When you become an experienced trader with some record to show, you turn into a trader. However, if you are just starting out and want to build a fortune out of online trading, you will be considered an investor. The great thing about this copy trading platform is that it allows you to interact with anyone you like. First of all, the trader that you are copying is there to answer your questions about trading and their trading strategies.

Secondly, you can interact with other investors to know where they stand in terms of trading. This interaction is something that was missing from the overall online trading experience for many years. However, with the arrival of this option, traders feel like they are in a social environment where there are people to help them if they make wrong trading choices. So, pick the best trader with the best record, and see how it can make a difference in your life as a trader.

Automator and ZuluGuard

These are two of the most unique trading features that I have ever seen, and I have to admit that this copy trading platform has nailed it with these features. Automator can be a huge treasure for traders who know how trading works. It allows them to define certain parameters that the trading platform hen follows on their behalf. The best part is that they even have the back-testing feature, which allows them to test their trading strategies before launching them in live trading. On this platform, if you are following a bunch of traders and one of them isn’t going according to the set risk tolerance, they are removed from the list.

Final Thoughts

It should be clear from these features that Zulutrade is one of the most unique trading platforms out there. Its features are not just an emulation of what already exists. Instead, it offers you features that are exclusively its own. That’s what I think a strong online platform is for traders from any region of the world.

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